Our Mission

Helping address the issue of mental health in collegiate sports

The Bulldog Brave Bulldog Strong Campaign is

a means of addressing the issue of mental health and the stigma it carries in the college environment, specifically, in collegiate athletics.

Our Mission

The goal of this campaign is to utilize the influential platform of sport to open up the conversation around mental health and wellness at Fresno State and work to end the stigma that prevents many students and student-athletes from reaching out. Making every team, every sport, every student and every student-athlete know that by asking for help or helping a friend or teammate who is struggling, they are being Bulldog Brave and Bulldog Strong

Our Approach

This multi-faceted approach will normalize, de-stigmatize, and spread awareness about the epidemic of mental health challenges in the college environment. Every day student-athletes take care of their bodies to be able to compete at the highest level. At Fresno State we want to support our student-athletes at taking care of their mental health as well. By using the highly visible platform of athletics, the mission of Bulldog Brave Bulldog Strong will influence the entire university and community. The campaign takes a unique approach through a collaborative platform focused on mental wellness for Bulldog student-athletes that is directed by student-athletes, their coaches, staff and administrators.


There are few platforms as powerful as those belonging to athletes. In putting all this content in one place, our goal is to help reduce social stigma, drive awareness and inspire change. Here’s to feeling a little less alone.

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